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Laces & Insoles

Running around football fields can be very hard on the feet, legs and even your back. Many referees find great relief in cushioning the impact of running through the use of shock-absorbing insoles or heel pads. Sorbothane ® products give proven added comfort. We also offer spare bootlaces in both black and white. Why not keep a pair in your kitbag?

Wrist Sweatband

We like to offer interesting and innovative products With added value. One such is a new

wrist sweatband. Its ‘plus’ feature is the built-in whistle retainer that has a dog-clip on the end of an elasticated strap. Available in black and white.


Three pieces of luggage are retained from last year’s catalogue, all of which proved very popular.

They are well constructed in rugged nylon fabric and are easy-clean while offering a fair degree of weather resistance The boot bag, small hold-all and the large kit bag all offer functionality and style

Laws of the Game

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