Tools of the trade


We have a comprehensive range from two of the world’s leading manufacturers that offers a wide choice to suit all tastes and pockets

ACME has been the traditional whistle for decades, producing a strong attention-getting blast. Their recent innovation of the ‘Tornado’ offers users the alternative of the shriller tone often used in the professional game

FOX came to the fore with their new style of instrument in more recent times and its variants have become popular with referees in many countries. We offer them in a choice of colours bought as singles or in a mixed pack.

The range is complemented with our lanyard.Accessories First off is a reliable timekeeper. Our watch is a specialist instrument designed for referees and comes from the house of Casio. It features a 100 metre water-resistance grading and has a light-up face, essential for gloomy afternoons and evening matches. You can also set the built-in countdown to remind you when time is up. No good relying on the home team, you do need those other essentials – a pump and a pressure gauge These we offer do the job others forgot. This year’s gauge has a strengthened needle for increased reliability. The pump has been our favourite for years.

Tool of the Trade

We have a comprehensive range of items for match control and recording. Many referees now prefer to use the new write on/wipe off cards. These are available complete with a suitable pen.

The traditionalist prefers separate red and yellow cards and to keep track of the game on a bespoke record card.

Either way, there is something for you and at an attractive price.

Items are sold as sets or as spares and refills.

The starting point is the referee’s wallet with pockets for the included red and yellow cards and a holder for the match record card. This wallet has a pencil holder along the spine.

Spare red and yellow cards are available as sets; extra pencils are now offered in more economic bundles of five.

The match record card has been updated this season and now shows the official codes for cautions and send-offs. It is available in more competitively priced pads of 50. Why not treat yourself (or get someone else to treat you) to the accessory pack that contains all the necessary bits and pieces and keeps them together safely. Contents are as shown. Finally, a convenient way to accept your appointments is to use the RA confirmation postcards. These are available in sets of 25 and make that chore easier for you.